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 Paul Rans

voice, lute, sackbut

 lute maker, broadcaster

A la Rum

Paul Rans: voice, sackbut

Marc Hauman: voice, guitar, percussion

Wiet Van de Leest: violin, voice

Jokke Schreurs: guitar, voice

A la Rum 2018-11-19 - 012.JPG

Jokke Schreurs  -  Wiet Van de Leest  -  Paul Rans. -  Marc Hauman

Paul Rans Ensemble


            Philippe Malfeyt                Piet Stryckers                   Paul Van Loey                    Paul Rans

Paul Rans: voice, lute, sackbut
Philippe Malfeyt: lutes, hammered dulcimer, cittern
Paul Van Loey: flutes, dulcian
Piet Stryckers: bass viol, medieval fiddle, hurdy-gurdy

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